Tips for Running a Successful Board Meeting

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It doesn’t matter if it’s in person, or online, running a successful board meeting requires careful planning and focus on the details. It’s also crucial to establish a productive culture for your meetings that will help your attendees engage in healthy debate and develop new insights.

The board chair (typically the president or the manager of your community association) should preside over the board meetings. Each member of the board is entitled to express their opinions or to ask questions or to voice their concerns. Then, they should vote on the issue. This avoids confusion down the road as to what was discussed, decided upon and ratified by the boardroom.

Define the ultimate purpose of each item

Be sure to include an explanation of the goals each agenda item is intended to accomplish ahead of time. This will avoid confusion or waste of time. It is helpful to look at the box next to each item in order to identify whether it’s meant to inform, seek information, or make a decision.

Do not make a snap decision

Many boards believe they have to make a decision quickly to ease the pain of homeowners who are displeased or to keep from dragging out a problem which could resolve itself. This can cause your board and community to be delayed. Besides, rushed decisions are often not executed well and usually lack the expert input.

At a minimum, once a year Consider evaluating your meetings

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